At Sanskar Bharati Public School we personalize our students learning to ensure that each student is met at their point of need and actively engaged in co-constructing their individual pathway. We pride ourselves on knowing our students as individual and as learner. We use our knowledge of individual students’ interests and their evidence of learning to create relevant and meaningful learning engagements.Our students receive ongoing, specific and meaningful feedback about progress. They are self reflective and participate in regular one-on-one conferencing with their teachers to discuss, refine and extend their learning goals. Teachers facilitating students’ understanding of curriculum expectations by using whole school documentation that explain curriculum standards in language that can be easily understood by our students.
Our teachers work in collaboration to develop and implement an inquiry driven curriculum. Students’ grouping is flexible, enabling essential skill and knowledge to be explicitly taught at students’ individual point of need.
Teachers share and refine their practice by learning and working in teams. They conduct action research relating specifically to the needs of the students whom they teach and provide each other with professional feedback outlining practices.


Sanskar Bharati Public School is established with an intention to provide the quality education to the students of this area. We wish to make learning an enjoyable process. Wc are very much sure that the students of our school will be able to achieve highest level of distinction in academic field as well as in every other walks of life.Sanskar Bharati Public School is an inclusive school community committed to providing, engaging and challenging educational opportunities that support individuals achieve their full potential.Mutually respectful working relationship exit between staff, parents and the boarder community focusing on supporting and extending student learning through providing opportunities for them to applying their skill and knowledge to real life experiences.